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A Video-Based Directory platform for finding Restaurants, Bars and Clubs worldwide. Search by type, location, name and so on. View search results in video, make reservations and much more.

BuBaLuu is currently in Beta, we plan on full launch soon - please bear with us as we continue to fine-tune. In the meantime, we encourage you to kick its tires and send us feedback and suggestions to make it a better platform for all users.

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Using Video

BuBaLuu believes in the power of Video. Video today is King. Its the evolution of communication. Video lets you express yourself with unlimited creativity. Video is shaping the future, its helping businesses reach new audiences and helping them stay connected.

Platform Features

- SEO -

BuBaLuu platform is SEO. Restaurants, Bars and Clubs listed on our platform have the added advantage of being found within the platform and outside on search engines such as Google

- Events -

Easily add and manage your location events

- iOS Mobile App -

Coming soon. BuBaLuu Universal Mobile App for iOS. Supports dynamic auto listing upon subscribing. User Search, Map, Push Notifications. Join the BuBaLuu Mobile App Beta using the form below

- Multiple Location -

Owners with more than one location can add other locations

- Sharing -

We make it easy and encourage our audience to easily share search result pages. Users can share a Restaurant, Bar, or Club page via email or their social channel creating more visibility for content owners

- Menu Items -

Add menu items from breakfast to dinner and drinks and manage them

- User Comments -

Custom Comment System allows users to add comments

- Suggestions -

Random Suggestions/Likes

- Global -

BuBaLuu’s goal is to become the go to platform for searching and finding Restaurants, Bars, and Clubs worldwide

- Specials -

Offer specials to let keep users informed

- Built-In Reservation -

Make reservations right within BuBaLuu

- Quick Contact -

Users can tap phone or email icon to reach out

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BuBaLuu iOS app is currently in development.
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